Publications : 2021

Wikoff D. The [acceptable daily intake] for low- and no-calorie sweeteners: Origin, interpretation, and application. Invited speaker: Continuing education webinar, Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences, July 2021.



Webinar description: Low- and no-calorie sweeteners (LNCSs) are a key tool for reduction of added sugars intake – which can be critical for individuals that have a health condition (e.g., diabetes) requiring attention to dietary carbohydrate.  As part of the approval process for a new food ingredient, regulatory agencies set an Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI). Interpretation of LCS intakes in nutrition studies using the ADI affects the perception of LCS as a beneficial tool. In alignment with this perception, consumers, nutrition practitioners, and clinicians make decisions about using or advising use of LNCSs. There has been a rise in the number of publications that evaluate the safety of LNCSs for consumption which reference the ADI. Misinterpretation of the ADI can erode confidence in the safety and efficacy of LNCSs as a dietary tool, negatively impacting health management, despite that regulatory approvals already account for the ADI. There is an opportunity for explicitly detailing the derivation and appropriate application of the ADI to the nutrition community. This webinar will help researchers and clinicians to better understand what is meant by an ADI and to address patient and consumer concerns about LNCSs and their value as dietary management tools.