The Center of Excellence for 21st Century Toxicology (21CT), a division of ToxStrategies, assists clients with the transition from traditional toxicology testing strategies to 21st century toxicology tools and technologies,  supporting the safety decision process from compound discovery to regulatory submission across different industry segments (e.g., chemicals; energy; oil & gas; petrochemicals; metals; consumer products; agrichemicals; food, feed, pet food, and beverages; dietary supplements; pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals; and others). The Center for 21CT develops  tools and technologies in evidence-based toxicology, rapid exposure estimation, biokinetics and metabolism, and biological pathway response and pathway-based toxicology. Center scientists integrate these tools and technologies with industry-specific knowledge and expertise to provide strategies for application of computational and in vitro models, to make risk-based decisions designed to meet the specific needs of the client.  Our scientists conduct experimental studies by partnering with laboratories that offer expertise and critical technologies to meet our clients’ needs.  We work collaboratively with clients and laboratories at CROs, universities, and non-profit organizations to design experimental workflows, custom models, and assays, in addition to providing oversight and management of laboratory work, including evaluation of data quality and data analysis.