Latest Publications

Borghoff SJ, Cohen SS, Jiang X, Lea IA, Klaren WD, Chappell GA, Britt JK, Rivera BN, Choksi NY, Wikoff DS. 2023. Updated systematic assessment of human, animal and mechanistic evidence demonstrates lack of human carcinogenicity with consumption of aspartame. Food Chem Toxicol 172:113549, online ahead of print.

Godínez-Oviedo A, Sampedro F, Bowman JP, Garcés-Vega FJ, Hernández-Iturriaga M. 2023. Genotypic and phenotypic quantitative microbial risk assessment model of human salmonellosis related to the consumption of chicken meat in the central region of Mexico. Food Res Int 162(A):111901,