Rapid Exposure Estimation

Non-targeted analyses

  • Chemical mixtures in environmental samples

Physical chemical property and environmental fate prediction

  • EPISuite

Chemical use information

  • EPA’s CPDat (functional use, weight fraction, etc.)

Rapid risk evaluations

  • High-throughput risk-based chemical prioritization
  • High-throughput margin of exposure (MoE)
  • In vitro-to-in vivo extrapolation to relate in vitro measures of bioactivity to in vivo exposures

Exposure forecasting

  • EPA’s Systematic Empirical Evaluation of Models (SEEM) framework
  • ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) tool
  • EPA’s ExpoCast framework
    • CDC NHANES biomonitoring data
  • Residential and dietary exposures
    • EPA’s Stochastic Human Exposure and Dose Simulation (SHEDS) model suite
  • Industrial and commercial exposures
    • ChemSTEER 
  • Consumer product exposures
    • ConsExpo
    • Consumer Exposure Model (CEM)
    • E-FAST