Publications : 2018

Sheridan ER, Jackson M, Paleja A, Martini C, Rashid A, Lea I, Fostel J. Improved searching in the Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) database leads to greater utility of NTP data. Presented at the 57th Annual Meeting of Society of Toxicology, San Antonio, TX, March 2018. Abstract 2525-P887.


CEBS is a repository for toxicological data from the National Toxicology Program (NTP). It provides a resource for accessing, searching and reviewing all public NTP toxicology data. We recently redesigned the CEBS search algorithms and interface to improve user experience and enhance access ( A new single search bar uses free text browsing to simplify dataset identifica-tion and filtering to refine search results. Search terms like CASRN, test article name, data type, or technical report number allow direct access to NTP datasets. NTP conclusions, data, and publications are integrated on a single test article or NTP report results page. This encourages a more thorough evaluation of the toxicological effects of test articles and promotes data integration at the NTP. The NTP conducts comprehen-sive toxicological characterization of compounds of potential public health concern, providing data across a variety of different study types. The new search function allows users to leverage information across knowledge domains and build a profile of test articles. For example, the evaluation of cell phone radiation by the NTP currently includes partial findings from chronic (2-year) rodent studies and genetic toxicity (micro-nucleus) evaluations. Searching for cell phone radiation in CEBS returns body weight and survival data from the chronic study, as well as micro-nucleus conclusions (negative) and supporting data (https://manticore. and The toxicological profile of cell phone radiation will be built as data become available. Review of the NTP testing information (https://ntp.niehs.nih. gov/go/test) of cell phone radiation studies shows that not all studies are complete at the time of abstract submission; 5-day short term tox-icity, histopathology for chronic carcinogenicity, and comet genetic toxicity studies are in progress. Once released, data for these studies will become available through the CEBS search on single integrated pages for each test article. This cross-discipline approach allows CEBS to promote a consolidated, integrated approach to data assessment and improve access to public NTP data.