Publications : 2019

Pham LL, Truong L, Ouedraogo G, Loisel-Joubert S, Martin MT, Friedman KP. 2019. Profiling 58 compounds including cosmetic-relevant chemicals using ToxRefDB and ToxCast. Food Chem Toxicol 132:110718. doi: 10.1016/j.fct.2019.110718.


Safety assessment for cosmetic-relevant chemicals (CRCs) in the European Union has been reshaped by restrictions on animal testing, and new approach methodologies (NAMs) for predicting toxicity are critical to ensure new cosmetic product safety. To demonstrate NAMs for safety assessment, we surveyed in vitro bioactivity and in vivosystemic toxicity data in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Toxicity Forecaster (ToxCast) and Toxicity Reference databases (ToxRefDB), respectively, for 58 chemicals identified as CRCs, including cosmetic ingredients as well as trace contaminants. CRCs were diverse in use types as suggested by broad chemical use categories. In terms of both target organ effects and study type, the median of the lowest effect level (LEL) doses in ToxRefDB for CRCs tended to be slightly higher than the median for the remaining 928 chemicals with study data in ToxRefDB, though the ranges of LELs were similar. For 17 of the 58 CRCs, high-throughput toxicokinetic data were used to calculate administered equivalent doses (AEDs) in mg/kg/day units for the in vitro bioactivity observed, and these AEDs served as conservative estimators of the systemic LELs observed in vivo. This work suggests that NAMs for bioactivity may inform a conservative point-of-departure estimate for diverse CRCs.