Publications : 2009

Guzelian PS, Victoroff MS, Halmes C,  James RC. 2009. Clear path: Towards an evidence-based toxicology (EBT). Human & Exp Toxicol 28:71-79.


First paragraph (no abstract provided):

Evidence-based medicine (“EBM”), a decision- making process that uses the best available objectively assessed knowledge as a substitute for authority-based opinions, has transformed the practice of medicine. EBM has been hailed as one of the 15 greatest medical milestones since 1840. EBM is now regularly taught in medical schools and has been accepted by most major health-related organizations, worldwide. As a method to reduce the effects of bias and excessive reliance on expert judgment to make decisions, evidence-based logic (“EBL”) has been adopted by many nonmedical disciplines, including businesses, engineering, baseball, and even advertising.